July 12 , 2023 –   July 14,2023

AI Slovakia is supporting an International conference 

on DIGITAL Intelligence  hosted by Technical  University of Kosice, Slovakia in  2023. 

We feel that many people around AI are neglecting computer technology and thats way we have decided 

 to start a new series of conference about DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE in 2018.

The first DISA was in 2018 held in Kosice, Slovakia

More information about the conference in 2018 you can find here

Recorded Invited speakers from 2018 you can find here

The full information the meaning of DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE is as follows:



Integration of:

1. Artificial intelligence in Various forms
2. Cloud Computing in Various forms
3. Internet of everything in Various forms
4. Virtual Reality
5. Many other areas …
6. Bussines models

Keywords : Industry 4.0 in EU, Virtual Reality 2.0 in Japan,  Made in China – 2025