World Symposium on Digital Intelligence for Systems and Machines

(DISA 2023)

12 July – 14 July 2023,  University Library – Technical University of Kosice

We feel that many people around AI are neglecting computer technology and that’s why we have decided  to start a new series of conferences about  DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE. It is a concept that involves the integration of various technologies and areas to enable intelligent machines and systems. This integration includes:

Artificial Intelligence in various forms
Cloud Computing in various forms
Internet of Everything in various forms
Virtual Reality
Business models
Many other areas 

The main aim of the symposium is to provide a platform for multidisciplinary discussions on the intelligence of real and virtual machines. With the advent of big data, the Internet of Things, and cloud services, embodiment is no longer required for the evolution of intelligence. Intelligence-as-a-service presents the main challenge for weak artificial intelligence in a world of interconnected machines, fast wireless connectivity, and remote brain concepts. The symposium should discuss and agree on guidelines for designing intelligent machines (both physical and virtual) and their connection in the context of Industry 4.0/Reality 2.0. The purpose of machine intelligence has always been to improve the quality of human life. Various fields, such as robotics, embodied and non-embodied systems, can inspire applications that are useful for society. Digital intelligence for systems and machines presents a significant challenge for mankind to benefit from. The business models for these applications are crucial, as the balance between human labor and unemployment is a decisive factor in our current, chaotic, and fast-developing society.

The DISA 2023 symposium is supported by AI Slovakia and hosted at the Technical University of Kosice.

The first DISA symposium was held in 2018 in Kosice, Slovakia. You can find the recordings of invited speakers from 2018 here.

Keywords: Industry 4.0 in EU, Virtual Reality 2.0 in Japan,  Made in China – 2025