Each paper presentation is scheduled for 15 minutes with Q&A. Invited lectures are scheduled for 30 minutes.

We encourage all participants to arrive to Košice on 22nd August 2018; the registration will take place between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The schedule is available for download here. Please note that this schedule might be subject to changes.

Invited lectured will be streamed – but we are upon permission of the invited speakers  – can be found here 

The final form of leaflet information can be found here 

23th August 2018 (Thursday)

9:00Conference Opening
9:20I1: Invited lectures – chair: prof. Ján Paralič
 Cindy L. Bethel
Therabot – An Adaptive Therapeutic Support Robot
 Takahiro Yamanoi
Elucidation of Brain Activities by Electroencephalograms and its Application to Brain Computer Interface
10:50Ceremonial Dr.h.c. for prof. Kaoru Hirota
13:30I2: Invited lecture – chair: prof. Peter Sinčák
 Kaoru Hirota
Visualization and Measurement of Emotional Intelligence based on Fuzzy Inference
 Napoleon Reyes
Autonomous Navigation in Partially Known Confounding Maze-like Terrains Using D*Lite with Poisoned Reverse
 Yuan-Fu Liao
Some Experiences on Applying Deep Learning to Speech Signal and Natural Language Processing
15:15P1: Digital Intelligence for Systems and Machines – chair: assoc. prof. Marek Bundzel
 Ján Magyar, Gergely Magyar, Peter Sinčák
A Cloud-based Voting System for Emotion Recognition in Human-Computer Interaction
 Irina Makarova, Polina Buyvol, Ksenia Shubenkova, Anton Pashkevich
Automotive Enterprises Flow Production Improvement Based on the Management Process Intellectualization
 Peter Šuľaj, Renát Haluška, Ľuboš Ovseník, Stanislav Marchevský, Petri Pulli, Vadim Kramar
UAV Management System for the Smart City
 Dorota Belanova, Marián Mach, Peter Sinčák, Kaori Yoshida
Path Planning on Robot Based on D* Lite Algorithm
 David Vincze
Parallelization by Vectorization in Fuzzy Rule Interpolation Adapted to FRIQ-learning
 Christopher Hudson, Chris Goodin, Matthew Doude, Daniel W. Carruth
Analysis of Dual LIDAR Placement for Off-Road Autonomy Using MAVS
16:45coffee break
17:00P2: Intelligent Data Analysis – chair: assoc. prof. Peter Butka
 Miroslav Blšták, Viera Rozinajová
Building an Agent for Factual Question Generation Task
 Kristína Machová, Marián Mach
Genetic Programming in the Authority of a Web Discussion Identification
 Michal Hucko, Peter Gaspar, Matus Pikuliak, Vasileios Triglianos, Cesare Pautasso, Maria Bielikova
Short Texts Analysis for Teacher Assistance during Live Interactive Classroom Presentations
 László Kovács, Erika B Varga, László Rostás
Ontology Extraction from Compound Sentences in Hungarian Language
 Michal Kvet, Karol Matiaško
Analysis of Temporal Data Management in the Intelligent Transport System
 Samuel Pecár, Marián Šimko, Mária Bieliková
Sentiment Analysis of Costumer Reviews for Slovak: Impact of Text Pre-processing

19:30 – dinner in downtown

24th August 2018 (Friday)

9:00I3: Invited lectures – chair: assoc. prof. Kristina Machová
 Andreas Holzinger
From Machine Learning to Explainable AI
 XingFu Wang
MINI-FLOW: A Heuristic Routing Mechanism for Software Defined Wireless Sensor Network – Talk was canceled – paper is in proceedings
 Daniel W. Carruth
Simulation for Training and Testing Intelligent Systems
10:00coffee break
10:30I4: Invited lectures – chair: prof. Mária Bieliková
 Pitoyo Hartono
Topographical Internal Representation in Deep Neural Networks
 Takashi Minato
Development of an Autonomous Android That Can Naturally Talk with People
 Petri Pulli
Improving Presentation Skill Through Gamified Application – Gamification in Practice
13:00S1: Speech, Language and Linguistic Issues for Human-Computer Interactions – chair: prof. Jozef JuhárS2: Intelligent Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things in Interconnected World – chair: assoc. prof. Ján Vaščák
 Sakhia Darjaa, Róbert Sabo, Marián Trnka, Milan Rusko, Gabriela Múcsková
Automatic Recognition of Slovak Regional Dialects
Reza Hamzeh, Ray Zhong, Xun W. Xu, Erik Kajáti, Iveta Zolotová
A Technology Selection Framework for Manufacturing Companies in the Context of Industry 4.0
 Christopher R. Hudson, Cindy L. Bethel, Daniel W. Carruth, Matus Pleva, Stanislav Ondas, Juzef Juhar
Implementation of a Speech Enabled Virtual Reality Training Tool for Human-Robot Interaction
Subhas Chakraborty, Avinandan Bandyopadhyay, Ramesh Yechangunja
A Two Stage Data Compression and Decompression Technique for Point Cloud Data
 Ondrej Such, Santiago Barreda, Martin Klimo, Peter Tarabek, Andrea Tinajova
Comparing Frame Posteriors via Isolated Vowel Classification
Ján Vaščák, Igor Savko
Radio Beacons in Indoor Navigation
 Asmaa Salem, Abdulwahed Almarimi, Gabriela Andrejkova
Text Dissimilarities Predictions Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Daniel Lorenčík, Iveta Zolotová
Object Recognition in Traffic Monitoring Systems
 Róbert Sabo, Jakub Rajčáni, Marian Ritomský
Designing Database of Speech under Stress Using a Simulation in Virtual Reality
Peter Papcun, Erik Kajáti, Jiří Koziorek
Human Machine Interface in Concept of Indudstry 4.0
14:15coffee break
14:30A1: Industrial Session – chair: Dr. Gergely Magyar
Microsoft Cognitive Services 
A2: Industrial Session – IBM  – chair: Dr. Peter Papcun
IBM – Cognitive Computing 
16:00coffee break
16:20Poster Session (list of posters)
18:30Banquet and Closing Ceremony