The poster session will take place in the University Library Building

All presenters of the Poster Session are asked to prepare a vertically oriented poster in A1 format (594mm x 841mm).

Display of ePosters

ePosters are on display throughout the whole conference on a 55“ multitouch screen situated in the poster area near the conference hall. All ePosters are available on one screen.

What is an ePoster?

An ePoster is an electronic poster displayed on widescreen 55“ multitouch screen instead of paper and installed on board as a traditional poster.

What formats can I use?

Only material in *.ppt (pptx) can be accepted. Format: see template. Hyperlinks, animated images, animations and animated slide transitions are not permitted for ePosters and will be non-functioning.

Are there any limitations of my ePoster?

Maximum 1 slide can be uploaded. English language is obligatory

How is my ePoster being displayed?

All ePosters will be displayed during the entire conference in the poster area near the
conference hall. The ePosters will be displayed on a user-friendly 55“ multitouch screen available for ePosters only. Besides being displayed onsite during the whole conference, a poster session will take place at a scheduled time and each ePoster will have its own timeslot for presentation by author(s).

Search criteria

The ePosters can be looked up by poster number, title, or presenting author name.

ePoster regulations

For all references to products or companies, generic names must be used. Brand names can be inserted as a reference at the bottom of the ePoster.

Advertising materials/corporate logos should be avoided on the ePoster.

ePosters that do not comply with the above policy may be removed.